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Gaddam Thomas

Apostle G. Thomas hated the Pentecostal people during his youth. He persecuted them relentlessly. Then, like the Apostle Paul, he met Jesus. His sinful life was revolutionized. He went to the Assemblies of God Bible College and started ministering in the villages. He suffered greatly for years, but the Lord raised him up to be a highly recognized and greatly respected Christian leader. He has more than 200 pastors, churches and ministries under his direction. He has 15 orphanages, many of which are located in villages and operated by local pastors. He supports 60 widows, has a training school for nurses and teachers training. He has personally baptized over 100,000 individuals most of whom were Hindus or Muslims. He is a great and effective leader.

Contact Info:

 PO Box 7 Tenali AP 522 201 India Email: