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Jeff Rogers

Jeff Rogers co-founded Child Legacy International (formerly known as Life Sowing Ministries) in 1987 to provide hope and humanitarian aid to the most disadvantaged rural populations in Africa.

With sought after expertise in rural development, he has spent over 30 years developing successful sustainable initiatives in the fields of rural healthcare, well repair, vocational training, orphan care, and food and agricultural programs in Zimbabwe and Malawi. In addition to these endeavors, he has developed a state-of-the-art renewable energy system utilized in both Zimbabwe and Malawi and recognized as an ideal and sought after model by the governments of neighboring African countries.

Driven by a desire to do God’s will, he pastored a congregation of 500 for ten years and assisted in planting five additional churches in Zimbabwe. Beginning in 2003, he began advocating for the people of Zimbabwe in Washington D.C., earning him the opportunity to speak before the African Subcommittee. His work as Executive Director of Child Legacy International has had a tremendous positive impact on rural Africa and has garnished him multiple endorsements from Members of the U.S. Congress, as well as international government Ministries from Great Britain, Zimbabwe, and Malawi. He serves on multiple International Boards as well as Hallmark University, a U.S. based educational institution.

Contact info:

PO Box 805, Boerne, TX 78806