Faith Community Churches International is a covenant fellowship of ministers and leaders connected for the purpose of accomplishing Kingdom exploits.  As ministries network together, a synergy is produced that activates a powerful anointing.  When this anointing is released, it causes individuals to fulfill God’s purpose in this strategic hour.FCCI assists in establishing churches, training centers, and ministries around the world.  We endeavor to provide an atmosphere for ministers and leaders to develop covenant relationships with other visionaries and we encourage fellowship and importation of ideas to enrich each one of us.

FCCI Distinctive:Our fellowship provides a godly accountability structure while demonstrating mutual respect and tolerance for different biblical views and ministry approaches. We do not compromise the full – gospel fundamentals of faith, but neither do we demand conformity to a particular viewpoint, music or worship style, not the adoption of a trademark name.Faith Community Churches International is a Bible-centered community of faith. Our fellowship offers servant leadership to help and encourage our members in every possible way. Our leadership is open, available and accountable.We believe today’s successful church must be more than a preaching station or bless me club where folks go to get a weekly religious “fix”. The church must get out of its self-focused circle and reach out to the world in a meaningful way.Our goal is to reach our nation and the world with a Bible-centered, culturally relevant, holistic Gospel. This involves every area of human life: food, clothing, housing, health care, education, economic development and spiritual growth.

Our Purpose:
1. To provide an association of ministers and churches in which each member ministry is valued, respected and encouraged to develop to his or her full potential.2. To provide for the development and facilitate the full expression of the five-fold ministry gifts.

Services Provided:

  • A supportive environment in which to grow

  • Placement service for ministers

  • Mentoring and coaching services

  • Global network of proven missions for ministry involvement

  • Human service opportunities affiliation through The Life Link

  • Strategic Planning and administrative training and assistance

  • Corporate legal services

  • IRS 501-C-3 affiliate status to ministries in the USA

  • Regional in-service training opportunities

Organizational Structure:

Our global administrative office is located in Tucson, Arizona, USA.An Apostolic team, composed of, Louise Brock and Carl Conley, provide the spiritual leadership for the fellowship.The International Counsel of Elders provide spiritual oversight to the ministry as well as counsel and mentoring to our ministers and churches in their area of the world.Credentialing of ministers takes place either through the headquarters office or through the “in-country” offices serving each particular nation.