1. A Dedication to God and His Word: Everything we do in life and ministry must be based on the truths of the Word of God.  It is the ultimate standard.
  1. A Dedication to integrity: We endeavor to develop Christian character and display Christ-like manner in our ministries, businesses and personal lives.
  1. A Dedication to Biblical Worldview: We recognize that we are representatives of God and carry His presence into every arena of life.  Our outreach is a strong international ministry in many nations of the world.
  1. A Dedication to fulfill God’s plan and purpose for our lives: God has a purpose and plan for each individual.  Helping others find and fulfill their destiny is part of our calling as ministers and leaders.
  1. A Dedication to Covenant Relationships: We develop and commit to deep relationships that help contribute to reaching our life purpose and bring glory to God.
  1. A Dedication to Prayer: A strong personal relationship with the Lord is vital for success in personal life, business, and ministry.
  1. A Dedication to Corporate Vision: Personal destiny can not be fully realized apart from alignment with a corporate vision.
  1. A Dedication to love as Christ commanded us: We choose to accept others and to love as Jesus loved.  Conflicts are resolved in a Christ-like manner of respect and honor.  A major goal we share is the restoration of those who come to us for love and counsel.
  1. A Dedication to a Spirit of Excellence: Our lives should bring honor to the Lord in all we do in business, in ministry and in our personal lives.
  1. A Dedication to Team Ministry: There is exponential increase in gifting and anointing when we bring them together to form a team.
  1. A Dedication to Obedience to God: Obedience to the Lord delivers us from the fear of man and demonstrates our love for Jesus Christ.