An Apostolic team, composed of, Dr. Carl E. Conley and Rev. Dr. Louise Brock provide the spiritual leadership for the fellowship.The International Counsel of Elders provide spiritual oversight to the ministry as well as counsel and mentoring to our ministers and churches in their area of the world.


Biographical Sketch Of  Dr. Carl E. Conley:

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Dr. Carl E. Conley was raised among Native Americans in Arizona USA, the son of Missionary parents. He learned the native language as a child and developed a “tribal” world view. He served twelve years as a missionary pastor among native Americans. For more than 20 years he has served as a director of international humanitarian, community development and church ministries, having traveled and ministered in 86 nations. He is a specialist at field development and management. He has earned Bachelors and Masters Degrees in Theology, a Doctorate in Law, and a Doctorate in International Law. He has been qualified as a securities broker and Financial Principle. He serves as a consultant to major international organizations in the areas of legal, financial and administrative concerns.He currently serves as President of Faith Community Churches Intl. with churches in 47 nations and President of The Life Link, an international Human Service organization. He also serves as an officer of thirteen other international corporations. He travels extensively internationally in serving all of these service related organizations.

Biographical sketch for Rev. Dr. Louise Brock: 


I was born into a pastor’s family, both my father and mother were ordained ministers. This birth was eighty two and a half years ago. Little did I realize growing up that the Lord had His hand on me for ministry. All my grandparents and great grandparents on both sides were old time Pentecostal. So I grew up knowing about the holy spirit and praying in tongues. My great grandmother rocked me and sang in tongues over me from birth to when I went to school. My grandmother sat me in her lap as a toddler and taught me to read the King James Version of the Bible and pronounce all the begats correctly, I value my heritage so very much. When I was 19 years of age, I was teaching a junior girls Sunday School Class in my Daddy’s church in Albuquerque, NM and one Sunday I had a vivid experience in the Holy Spirit and knew from that day forward, I was called and anointed by God to teach and preach the Gospel. Then later I married a minister and became a pastor’s wife and teacher. Years later I found myself to be a single mother and Bible teacher. I met up with Dr. Buddy Harrison in the late 60’s and joined with Faith Christian Fellowship and pioneered a FCF church here in Tucson, Az. in 1980. This Faith Community Church on Orange Grove Rd. Is pastored by my eldest son, Bruce Brock. I was involved with leadership with FCF and traveled all over the world for about 20 years. While ministering in Nigeria, Africa in a camp-meeting, the pastor asked me to begin a video Bible School for the many places with Bible Schools and not a great deal of materials available. So I began School of the Bible in the 1970’s and have furnished video and DVD SOTB material all over the world to bible schools. This has grown to a huge body of work over the years. In 2004 I became the pastor of Faith Community Church East . It was a church plant from our mother church that started in 1980. That pastor of the East church had passed away suddenly and I knew that God had set me there as their Pastor. It has been a fruitful eleven years. We were blessed to purchase a new facility and we are still in the process of finishing that. I have also been active with Dr. Carl Conley in FCCI since its beginning. I have seen the many lives and ministries this organization has blessed and at 82 I am still a “real” elder of this group.