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FCCI Elder Raynold Bori Report

MY HEALTHI am doing very fine this time, my health has shift from the good to best. I became more stronger and stronger each day, continue to walk and walk and walk. By God’s grace I am catching up very well. Thank you for all your prayers.

FAMILYMy family is doing very well, all in good health, committed to God on our family altar every single day. The two boys are doing great in their school and their mother is doing great with the business of oil and I am doing great with my health and time in the presence of the living God.

CHURCHGHC, the church is doing great, the men are doing exploits, the women are doing committed to their destiny and the youth are organizing are praise festival next month August 2015.

 MINISTRYI have just completing a three days seminar at my house yesterday 6-9 August 2015 on the work of community transformation and healing the land process with all the provincial coordinators and other leaders. I teach on the dimension of blessing, season and time and the presence. Great time and delegates are leaving for their respective villages and islands today.

 PRAYER NEEDToday is my 56 birth day anniversary, please pray for me to facilitate and become the carrier of the presence of God to every communities, provinces and the nation of Vanuatu at large.My heart is to disciple the nation of Vanuatu to honor and worship the living God in our motto.


Last week on Thursday 13/08/2015 we help to facilitate the set up, dedication and official launching the altar of power, peace and prosperity for the people and government of Malampa province at the chamber of the province at Lakatoro. The president of the province Hon Fred Tasso officially launched that altar and it was attended by leaders of different churches and communities, After the launching they went straight in prayer sessions. during the official opening and launching the presence of God came down and people were crying and weeping before the Lord. The theme of Malampa provincial government for 2015 is ” with God we build Malampa province “This is the first set-up, dedication and official launching of an altar of God in Vanuatu, we still up another five provinces to go and one national altar of God for the nation of Vanuatu. Please pray for God’s will to be done in Vanuatu as it is in Heaven, as the divine calling of Vanuatu is UNITY.


 Ps Raynold S Bori



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