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Dear Friends,
Welcome to this New Year! In my quiet times with the Lord, I felt impressed to study Isaiah 60:1-5. “Arise (from the depression and prostration in which circumstances have kept you–rise to a new life)!

I have been counseling and praying with some believers who are dealing with depression and emotional tiredness. So I have been fasting and praying and God began to show me some verses to give these who are hurting. We in America are living in the most unstable times that I can ever remember and there is anxiety and anger in people because they don’t know how to deal with some of these emotions.

Now you know we are “faith people” and we do live and walk by faith but we also live in human bodies and deal with everyday experiences. It is true we are growing in grace and faith and learning to turn our troubles over on Jesus. But as I was led to Isaiah 60, this first verse in the Amplified spoke so loudly to me. I realize the Prophet Isaiah was giving comfort to the Jewish Nation who had just come out of bondage. Their families had gotten separated and they didn’t have permanent homes, their lives were in major upheaval and God gave this Word to them.
So if you are reading this letter and you have had some difficult emotional days, allow the Spirit of God to minister these words to you and I assure you the Holy Spirit will give you revelation and the joy of the Lord will come upon you.
Even if you have had smooth sailing, allow the Spirit to minister to you today.

This Hebrew word “arise” indicates that troubles have knocked you down to the ground so the Spirit says “get up”
and begin to praise the Lord for “new life” and as you worship and praise, for your light has come and your light
pierces the darkness of depression and prostration caused by circumstances. Lesson one, we have to put our eyes on the Light (Jesus) and NOT on the circumstances.

The prophet goes on and says “For behold, darkness shall cover the earth and dense darkness (all peoples) but the Lord shall arise upon YOU and His glory shall be seen on you.
Once we arise and get our eyes off the darkness of trouble and circumstances, the Lord comes in with His glory and brightness and heals the depression and answers the problems with His wisdom.
When we force ourselves to keep our eyes on the Word and not on circumstances, the circumstances have to bow their knee to the Word. We have to allow the Word of God to frame our world.

I am convinced that depression is a spirit and we have to fight it with the Word and prayer. This is sent from hell to steal your joy and then your strength. If you are depressed today, rise up and command that spirit to leave you now in the Name of Jesus and forbid the enemy to try to put it on you again. You as a believer has the authority to keep these spirits off of you and your family.

You are loved and prayed for by me.



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    Dana Butler says

    Thank you Louise. I know that this was meant for last year, but it spoke to my life today. I have been fighting a downcast spirit lately. This was just the reminder I needed to reinforce what the Holy Spirit was saying to me.

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