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Dear Friends,
Greetings in the Name of Jesus.
It seems like it has been a long hot summer and now we are entering the fall season and the holidays will be here soon. I want to share with you a revelation that the Holy Spirit brought to me the other day regarding Communion.
In the Gospel of Matthew chapter 15: 22-28 is the account of  the Gentile woman coming to Jesus and asking Him to heal her little daughter and He tells her He was sent only to the lost sheep of Israel and later in the discussion, He says that healing is the children’s BREAD and she answers Him that even the little pups get to eat the crumbs that fall. He was saying that healing belonged to the Jews and after she answered Him about the crumbs, He said “O woman, great is your faith, be it done unto you as you wish, and her daughter was cured from that moment.” We know that in the Old Covenant that God revealed Himself to the Jews as their Healing God and that is what Jesus is referring to in Matthew. But now in the NEW COVENANT when Jesus ratified healing by taking the curse for us by the stripes on His back, we now have healing as our bread.
In Luke 22:19 “And He took bread and gave thanks and brake it, and gave unto them saying, This is my body which is given for you: this do in remembrance of me.” The bread of communion symbolizes the body of Jesus which was broken for us through His suffering. He not only died for us on the cross but also bore the stripes on His back by which we are healed. Partaking of Communion should remind us of the emotional and physical salvation that Jesus provided for us.
The Passover meal that was celebrated as the children of Israel left Egypt was healing to that multitude. The bread of healing was eaten that night and the next day approximately three million Hebrews left Egypt WITHOUT A SICK OR FEEBLE ONE AMONG THEM. The next time you receive Communion and you take the bread, take healing for your sickness or weakness because NOW IN OUR COVENANT TIME THAT BREAD IS FOR OUR HEALING.
Let me encourage  you to receive Communion in your own personal prayer time in your home. I take Communion right here in my own home by myself. You don’t have to wait until you are in church or in a group, you may receive the Lord’s Supper in your own personal prayer time.
To all of you that have read this letter, please let me know that you have begun to receive Communion personally and you are now experiencing healing.
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8544 E. Golf Links Rd. Tucson, AZ 85710
My email address is:
I would love to hear from you about your healing and victory.This revelation was not given to just me…but to all of you who read this letter. I love and appreciate all of you so much.

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