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Jeremiah Today

“Jeremiah Today”

An Essay

by Carl Wohlgemuth

March and April 2015

It was the Old Testament book of Jeremiah—all 52 chapters. After months and months of lessons, our adult class teacher finally concluded the study. Often I struggled with the question, “What benefit is there in a detailed review of the historical ministry and message of this prophet?”  After all, the warning to these ancient people was either repent and return to God or there will be judgment.  We all knew that.Little did I realize then how timely this message is today for America.  And, that all of us individually are affected by either God’s forgiveness or judgment on a nation within which we live.  How true that effect was on all the Jews—the good and the bad—when they exiled into Babylonian captivity.  The people of Judah were defiant and rejected Jeremiah as they progressively removed themselves from their God. The punishment included the destruction of the Temple and Jerusalem.Actually I knew very little about Jeremiah. In looking back, the study was foundational to the purpose of this essay. Amazingly more knowledge and understanding is being added even after the teacher is now finished.  Here is how The Holy Spirit has been leading in this regard.It began along with some friends of our home group who are also members of the adult class.  We attended the movie “The Blood Moons.”  This was on the Monday immediately after the last adult class just mentioned.  Having already read about the phenomenon of the triad of 4 consecutive lunar eclipses in 2014 and 2015 occurring on major Jewish holy days, it was certainly interesting and provocative.  As an epilogue to the main movie there was a panel discussion.  They touched on the Jewish Sabbath Year now being concurrent with the triad.On the following Wednesday, at a whim Lavina and I turned on the TV which we seldom do in the evening. Again, there were 4 scholars who focused on end-time prophesies. One of them was author Jonathan Cahn.  One of their main topics was the current Sabbath Year which ends the repetitive cycle of 7 years of God’s rule established by the Law of Moses. The Hebrew name of the Sabbath Year is “Shemitah.” This discussion was convincingly enough for me to begin re-reading “The Mystery of the Shemitah” authored by Cahn. What a surprise it was in the second reading to discover the Shemitah was part of Jeremiah’s prophesy. In fact the exile of Judah lasted 70 years due to their disregard of 70 Shemitahs for a period of 490 years. You can do the math.  Now the value of the Jeremiah study came into better perspective.  Jeremiah’s message is relevant for today.God sent prophets to warn the people of Judah to repent and return to Him or He would need to send judgment.  If He did that for His chosen people, would He also do that for America who initially chose God when it was formed as a nation? If so, there must be prophets today like Jeremiah who are warning us with the same message. Obviously, Americans are declining morally and spiritually by putting God out of our government, culture and society.  The consensus of the panel was that not only is God speaking through prophets but also directly with signs such as the “Blood Moons” and the timing of the Shemitah.By the way, as this is being written, tomorrow is Passover and the 3rd full lunar eclipse of the triad is scheduled for tomorrow at 5:00 a.m. We’ll see. On the Hebrew calendar, the 2014-2015 Shemitah started at sunset on September 24, 2014, Tishr 1, and ends at sunset on September 25, 2015, Elul 29.  Will anything significant happen then?  Again, we’ll see.  It will not be long now. Finally in the sequence of these personal events, I watched the next TV show of It’s Supernatural.  Sid Roth, whom I spoke with many years ago, hosted Perry Stone.  He was one of the prophesy scholars who was part of the panel just mentioned.  He added more insight and information to the current convergence of prophetic events.  That session can be viewed by going to the site. On the home page, click on Watch Now, then TV Broadcast Archive and finally on Perry Stone.I highly recommend you share in some of my journey by reading the “The Mystery of the Shemitah” and viewing the Perry Stone interview. That will take some “Wohlgemuth/Bartel” intellectual curiosity and plain tenacity. The kind that Wesley and Paul used to achieve what they did as a Doctor of dentistry and PhD of Music. You have the same DNA and hopefully will find the recommended reading and viewing rewarding. Having said all this, here is the point. God governs at many levels.  To name a few; there are creation, His Church, world, nations, states, cities, denominations, congregations, families and individuals.  The most basic is the redemption for the human being. In terms of nations, Israel and the United States of America are unique on the end-time landscape of God’s providence.  Israel was uniquely chosen by God to be His people.  The people of America uniquely chose God to be theirs.  Therefore God deals with Israel and America similarly.  Millennia of history shows how God desired to bless Israel when they are obedient to His law but is compelled to righteously judge them for their unfaithfulness.  America has only centuries of history.  But again blessings and curses likewise are the outcome for this nation’s relationship to God. God’s dealings with nations and citizens thereof are not isolated. They dependently coexist. The best combination is a Godly person living in a nation being blessed by Him. The worst is just the opposite. Unless America repents and returns to the ways of God, the question becomes this. How do USA Christians face God’s judgment upon America that will surely affect their personal reality of daily living? That is the big question.The Lord has prompted me to consider a responsibility as the only one still remaining from the siblings of the Benjamin Wohlgemuth and Lena Bartel children.  All of their grandchildren are alive and blessed.  Wesley and Paul could still be living and giving counsel to their respective children.  How I wish that were true! That not being so, I sense some responsibility and privilege to alert my nieces, nephews and children to consider the possibility of predicted and ominous near-future realities.  I use the term “possibility” advisedly.  I certainly am not a prophet but would like to be an alert watchman. The prophetic warnings that can be heard today have the potential of being glorious for the Believer but devastating for the Unbeliever. If any of this is felt to be shared further with the next generation, that would be the choice of their respective parent.Wesley and Paul could well not agree with my doing this nor view current events the same. Nevertheless, I am compelled to share this with you for the sake of my sense of personal obedience and peace.It is not the purpose of this essay to explain the warning of God’s judgment upon America.  You can research that on your own.  To help, here are a few excerpts from Cahn’s writings in his book: “Is there hope?  Can we avert judgment?  And if judgment comes, is there hope in its midst?  And after judgment comes, is there any hope in its wake? For the answer we must return one last time to the burning ruins of Jerusalem in 586 BC. The prophet Jeremiah had warned his nation unceasingly that the day of its calamity was coming.  Could they have averted it?  They could have, had they turned back to God. A revival would have saved them.  But that would have required repentance, a change of course, the turning away from their sins.  But they refused to listen to the warning of the prophets.  They refused to turn back.  And the judgment came.” (Pages 245 and 246) “What about now?  And what about America?  Is there hope?  If there was no hope, there would be no harbingers.  What would be the purpose of giving warning if there was no hope of responding to that warning?  If there is warning, then there is hope. Is there any hope of America averting judgment?  If there is repentance and revival, yes. But if the nation continues on its present course, then the answer is no. Does it look likely that America will turn back to God?  At present and in the direction in which the nation is now proceeding, no. What about when judgment falls—will there be hope in that day?  For those who respond to God’s voice and call, yes.  For those who do not, no.” (Pages 246 and 247) “So will there be judgment or revival?  There can be both: judgment and revival. Revival can even come through judgment.  There can be judgment upon a civilization and the salvation and revival for those within that civilization who turn to God.” (Page 247) In conclusion, the following is a beginning checklist recommended to prepare for the future regardless of the judgment or revival in America. For sure, there is an eventual Day of Judgment for every person.  The intent of this checklist is to be helpful in facing both the near-term and eternity. Obviously there is much more to this preparation. In fact, it is a never ending process. It is a life style. Neither Lavina nor I score anywhere close to 100% on all the aspects listed below but we are moving in the right direction. We believe the basics are covered.  None of us are perfect now but still under construction. However, the scripture gives this grand hope by telling us that one day we shall be like Him for we will see Jesus as He is.

  1. First and foremost, establish a relationship with God and become a child of His by being born from above.  Your spirit then becomes alive and your soul is saved from destruction.  As a member of His family, He is our Father in Heaven.  His Son Jesus is our Savior, Lord, Elder Brother and High Priest.  The Holy Spirit is our Helper, Guide, Teacher and Comforter.  Now you are a new creation and God lives within you.  (John 3; Romans 8)

  1. Follow up with the baptism with water and continue to nurture your daily walk with Him.  This growth of maturity in His love comes through relationship building, such as, prayer, listening, reading the Bible and Christian literature, meditating on His Word and declaring His many promises through faith believing they are true for you.  (Book of Ephesians)

  1. Ask Jesus to baptize you with The Holy Spirit.  The Holy Spirit will come upon you.  Then receive, and continue receiving, the manifold graces that empower you to fulfill His plan and calling that is uniquely yours.           (John 1:29-34; Acts 1:4-5; 1 Corinthians 12, 13, & 14; Galatians 5:22-25)

  1. Associate with a church community of Spirit-filled Believers who believe and practice the matters just mentioned above. Close fellowship with like-minded Believers is crucial for personal growth and receiving God’s best.  This is a place to draw from those more mature, share with those less mature, learn from teachers, receive counsel from pastors, exercise your special gifts, enjoy group praise and worship, lean on those closest to you when facing difficulties, and expect safety in the event of God’s judgment on the nation, state or city.  (Book of Ephesians) 

  1. Determine if the church leadership is committed to the right of Israel to possess the physical land God promised their father Abraham. If they do not, they may also be open to other heresies such as “Replacement Theology” now being adopted by some churches and denominations regarding the existence of Israel. God said He would bless those who bless Israel and you indeed want to be a part of that.  (Genesis 12:1-3; Romans 9)

  1. Intercede for government officials at all levels in America to repent of their sin and accept Jesus as their Savior and Lord.  Also to receive the baptism with The Holy Spirit in order to move this nation away from wickedness to righteousness.  God will then heal this land.  Likewise, intercede for the lukewarm and apostate churches to be revived and renewed to the truth of the Gospel.  (Romans 13)    

  2. Pray for and financially support your church fellowship and other ministries in their efforts to share the good news of Jesus.  (2 Corinthians 9:6-15)

  1. Anticipate the soon appearing of the Lord Jesus Christ to receive to Himself both the living and the dead members of His Church.                                       (1 Thessalonians 4:13-5:11)

  1. Evangelize and minister to all those whom The Holy Spirit brings into your sphere of influence.  (Matthew 28:18-20; Mark 16:15-18; Acts 1:8)

This is shared with you with gratitude for the profound love that comes toward us from our Father in Heaven and that which exists among us as a caring family. May I borrow the blessing from the Apostle Paul for the closing of his letters. The grace of our Lord Jesus Christ be with your spirit,Uncle and Dad Carl.

Post Script: Here is some really good news for the Believer! After 7 consecutive Shemitahs and 49 years, God established the following 50th year as the “Year of Jubilee.”  It is kind of a super Shemitah for celebration.  Jesus spoke of it as the “Favorable Year of the Lord.”  Prophets are already talking about this time coming soon for the Church. It will be God’s visitations, manifestations and demonstrations—more than has ever been seen before.  With the completion of the current Shemitah of 2014-2015, the Year of Jubilee is set for September 2015 to September 2016.  (Leviticus 25; Luke 4:18-19

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