Council of Elders

Felix Omobude

Rev. Dr. Felix Ilaweagbon Omobude Dr. Felix Ilaweagbon Omobude is the General Superintendent of Gospel Light International Ministries (New Covenant Gospel Church), founded by him in 1988 with its international headquarters in Benin City, Nigeria.  The church has branches spread across the nation as well as outside Nigeria.

Jeff Rogers

Jeff Rogers co-founded Child Legacy International (formerly known as Life Sowing Ministries) in 1987 to provide hope and humanitarian aid to the most disadvantaged rural populations in Africa. With sought after expertise in rural development, he has spent over 30 years developing successful sustainable initiatives in the fields of rural sustainable initiatives in Africa

Reggies Wenyika

Dr. Wenyika began his career as a Medical Laboratory Scientist in Zimbabwe. He completed his PHD at Oral Roberts University. He served for 10 years as President of Southwestern Christian University in Bethany Oklahoma. He presently serves as President of Ottawa University in Ottawa, Kansas. He is Vice President of FCCI.  He is highly a dynamic speaker being sought after as a speaker for conferences  and large gatherings.  He has a passion for education and helping youth find their place in life to live successfully and fruitfully. He brings great gifts to the leadership of FCCI and enriches all who know him.

Augustine Mgala

Augustine Mgala and his wife Priscilla founded and lead Agape Ministries in Malawi. They now have more that 80 churches in Malawi, plus an additional 60 churches in Mozambique and two in South Africa. They are great leaders who model Godliness and integrity throughout their nation. They are highly respected.

Solomon Mwesige

 Solomon Mwesige is the Senior Pastor of Good News Church in Kampala, Uganda, one of the fastest growing churches in the nation with over 8,000 in attendance with branches all over the Nation. He is founder King Solomon”s Junior School. He directs daily feeding of more that 50,00 refugee children in three settlements. He has the first Christian Television station in the nation. He is sought after for his wisdom and knowledge in many different expressions of ministry.

Goddom Thomas

Apostle G. Thomas has founded more than 200 churches in India. He has 18 orphanages serving nearly 400 children .He provides loving homes, food, clothes education and a promise of a good future,   He has a nursing school to train youth for productive lives. He has a Bible School to train workers for the harvest. He cares for widows and widowers as part of his mother church. He has personally baptized (in the outdoor canals) more than 100,000 people . Evangelism is a vital part of his ministry.

David Tranter

Before entering ministry, he was a successful sheep farmer in Northern Victoria, Australia.. David has attained many degrees the highest being Master of Theology. David is also a trained counselor. He is a man of great experience in the practical side of live, bringing that wisdom as it applies to ministry among people. He is a man of passion for the things of God. A man of faith who teaches and believes in the supernatural power of God in the lives of believers. He is a Faith man.

Kingsley Ohangbon

In 1999, Bishop Kingsley Ohangbon arrived in Madrid, Spain with nothing but the shirt on his back. By the Grace of God and Love in his heart, he began his work of spreading the Word of God. He now is the presiding Bishop of a large network of churches.

Dr. Anne Wood-Torre

Rev. Dr. Anne Wood, missionary in Asia since 1995, founded Life Solutions in Abundance (LSA) in
the Philippines in 2008 and currently serves as its Executive Director.  She resides in the Philippines
where LSA now focuses on reaching unreached people groups (UPG) in the region and beyond.

Javan Ommani

Bishop Javan Ommani leads a large wide spread ministry with over 200 churches, a hospital, a Bible College serving much of Kenya, East Africa. He is a Christian statesman in his nation. He served for several years in the national parlament and is a highly respected leader throughout his nation.

James Isaguirre

James Isaguirre  is a nationally recognized and highly respected Christian Statesman in the Philippine Islands. He has long been an adviser to Presidents and national leaders. Hundreds of pastors see him as a father.  He serves more than 700 churches throughout the nation.

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