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Church Plant in Zimbabwe

Updated: Oct 1, 2022

Here is a report from, Greater Life Church, our newest FCCI plant in Zimbabwe, submitted by Pastor Chamunorwa Madongorere.



It is a great privilege to be part of FCCI. I thank God for my brother Percy Chivandire for

connecting us with FCCI. Professor Wenyika went on to connect me with Doctor John Stanko who I had known for years though from a distance. I served Doctor Stanko during his visits at Celebration Ministries in Zimbabwe by selling his books as I was working at Celebration Ministries Bookshop. The inspiration from both Prof. Wenyika and Doc Stanko has recharged me to pursue my purpose that God has for me.


This has lead to the formation of Greater Life Church, which was launched on the 14th of May 2022 during FCCI conference in Zimbabwe. My wife and I were ordained and commissioned on that day. We started meeting as a family of ‘5’ five and we thank God that we are steadily growing. Our membership is now around 13. The Bible says we are not to despise the days of small beginnings.


Currently we are meeting on a rented venue which is a school where we are using a classroom for our Sunday services. We were blessed with a PA System , keyboard and a base guitar. However there is no electricity at the school, hence we are believing God for a generator so that we start to use the equipment. Since we started from scratch we are in the process of training some of our members to play the instruments. Everything is new.


We are doing street evangelism which is one on one and also flyer distribution. Our main outreach strategy which has been fruitful is the relational evangelism of which we are encouraging our brethren to adopt since it is proving to be effective. There is a need to build bridges to the community by conducting events which are community based – working on the strategy. Social media is also a good way of promoting our presence within area and evangelising globally of which we are working on the website and other social media platforms.

Cell Group – We have started a cell group at our house, of which we are planning to multiply soon once we have trained leaders and found another meeting place.

Prayer Request

We are believing God for the following please join us in agreement.: Pulpit, acoustic guitar, generator and a vehicle.


We thank God for the help FCCI is giving us, may God continue to bless the great work you are doing. There is great work ahead of us and knowing that we have a family of wonderful believers supporting us in whatever way the Kingdom of God will advance.

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