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India Inspiration

Updated: Oct 1, 2022

What would a week be like without the wonderful reports of what our FCCI partners are doing in India. They work tirelessly to care for the people while also making time to share the gospel of Jesus Christ to the areas around which they live and work. Here is there latest report along with some pictures of a recent crusade.

We greet you in the Name of Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, We have a wonderful convention in vunguturu village, in W. G.Dist. God had used me and our Pastors mightily blessed in His grace. God has done great healing the elder of the village was healed leg pain and gave testimony about his healing. We are able to feed more than 280 people. We are able to provide new saris to Aged/Widows. We are praying to provide food for the people who come to our convention. This year we are planned to do conventions in unreached areas where there is no gospel.

Please pray for gospel work to reached unreached areas. In unreached areas where there is no gospel or Church. We like to provide food for the people that gives us more time to spent with them to know about them and their needs to talk with them more about Jesus. Please kindly pray for the need of conventions and meal programming . Each meal cost per one person is $ 0.52. Please kindly pray for this need.

Closing with sincere prayers. Thanking You, Your Brother in Christ, Bishop G S. Thomas Jr and Mary Grace Thomas

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