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March Update FCCI

Updated: Oct 1, 2022

Dear Partner and Friend,

I greet you in the name of our Lord. So much has been happening with FCCI since I have assumed the role of executive director in 2021. And my prayer has been, "How, Lord, can I keep everyone connected and informed?" I have used Facebook and if you have not followed our page, please do so. I post there regularly but our following is limited. Let me go over a few things that would be of interest to you.

  1. I am hearing regularly from Bishop Thomas in India who is continuing his father's work there. They have held crusades and continue to minister to the needs of the people including orphans. I was able to secure a supply of teaching ministry books in Telugu recently for the 120 leaders.

  2. Malawi has once again been hit hard by a typhoon and subsequent flooding. We have sent $3,600 and Apostle Priscilla reports that their relief work has been greatly helped by this money.

  3. On a sad but joyful note, FCCI Elder Javan Ommani passed into the presence of the Lord on March 2. He will be greatly missed by all who were touched by his apostolic and pastoral ministry.

  4. General Superintendent Reggies is planning a trip to Zimbabwe, South Africa, and Spain in May. I will be accompanying him.

  5. Pastor Fred Alvarenga and I are planning to visit our FCCI partners in Uruguay and Argentina this September/October.

  6. We are in discussions about a regional conference in the U.S. this year and the elders decided that the international conference in 2023 will be in Uganda.

I don't want to make this too long but I do want to start posting here more often so you have someplace besides Facebook where you can here from us and about the needs that exists with our partners. I am including some pictures from India, Malawi, and of Bishop Ommani but after this, I promise to keep the posts focused on one particular topic and not just a general report. If you feel led to contribute to India, Malawi, Kenya or any of our other partners, please use the link through our website (which we are in the process of upgrading and then creating a Spanish site) or contact me at to discuss other ways to donate, or for any other matter that is on your heart.

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