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March '22 Update from Carl Conley

Updated: Oct 1, 2022

A short time ago, it seemed that the COVID crisis was getting better and the world was starting to settle down. Now we are facing world conflict. The enemy has sought another way to silence the church. However, the devil is not as smart as he thinks he is. He cannot silence or destroy the church of Jesus Christ.

Ukraine is a perfect example. There are very strong Pentecostal churches in Ukraine. The prophets in Ukraine instructed the churches to prepare and store food and supplies because they would need to take care of their people and others. The churches responded and with the help of American churches, they stockpiled a large amount of goods. And now, having been obedient to the Lord, they are showing the Love of God in a tangible way to those in need around them.

Our ministers Jerry and Carol Lillard Jr. are in Prague, Czech Republic. Carol is a trainer of counselors. She is helping in training over one hundred first responders and crisis counselors who will be working with the refugees from Ukraine. Jerry is heading up a relief fund to provide help to college students escaping from both Ukraine and other nations. The needs are so great that there is room for everyone to step up and do what they can. These two are well prepared and are doing an outstanding job in showing the love of Jesus.

On the first of March we lost our beloved Elder Javan Ommani of Kenya. He was one of our first Elders to serve FCCI. Javan was loved by his nation, and by many people around the world. He was one of the happiest men you would ever meet in your lifetime. He had a ready smile for everyone he met. He will be buried at his home church in Kakamega, Kenya on March 19. He will be greatly missed in our fellowship. We sent money to help with his medical bills and funeral expenses.

Please keep my dear wife Ellene in your prayers. She is facing challenging health problems at present. While we are enjoying being here close to our daughter Ginger, we really miss seeing you. We love you dearly and pray for you regularly.

Please keep our brethren around the world in your prayers. Afework Dejene will be returning to Ethiopia for crusade ministry for six weeks. Tallat Mohamed continues to travel the world with the message of Jesus in the Regions Beyond. Glenn Isaguirre has expanded their work with a new church plant and school on another island. They are an amazing group of people. They are always reaching out to help others. All during the pandemic they were regularly feeding more than six hundred families.

We pray the Lord’s blessing on each of you.

Carl & Ellene

Carl E. Conley, J.D.

Executive Vice President, Faith Community Churches International


Mobile phone: 520.360.0787

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