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Report From Zimbabwe

It is a great privilege for me to once again share with you the progress we have made since May 2022. We have experienced the grace of God as we have moved from a rented place we were paying $70.00 per month to a much better place in terms of space and infrastructure for $20.00 per month.

DONATIONS : Greater Life Hand Of Love which is our Compassion Ministry arm teamed up with Gateway High School and went to Eastview suburb in Harare where we donated clothes and blankets to [Mushawedu Cooperative] the less privileged and the disabled people. The gospel was preached and the love of God was expressed as some of the people’s needs were met. We pray that more doors open for us to be able to reach out to more people in need and share the word as we express the love of God to the people.

CONFERENCE : In August we had a Youth Conference for the youth in our community which was successful. WE had different speakers teaching on Relationships, Mental Health, Drug Abuse and Entrepreneurship which in most cases the youth are facing challenges in these areas. The attendance was roughly 50 youths which was quite encouraging since it was our first month in the community.

We would like to ask you to remember us in your prayers.

Pastor Chamu. M.

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