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Trip to Spain

On September 24-26, 2022, general superintendent Reggies Wenyika, board member Percy Chivandire, and executive director John Stanko visited Spain to help Bishop Kingsley and Pastor Happy Ohangbon celebrate the 23rd anniversary of Bride of Christ Church, part of Elect of God Ministries, which they began shortly after they came to Spain. Bishop Ohangbon has other churches to which he gives oversight in other parts of Spain.

Made up mostly of Nigerian expatriates, Bride of Christ Church is located south of Madrid city center. The economy is not doing well in Spain so the church has faced its share of struggles recently as members have left the country to find work in the UK and other countries. However, the 23rd anniversary celebration featured joyful gatherings as the leaders and people acknowledged God's help over the last two decades and expressed their confidence in the future.

The meetings included public services, an ordination service for 15 people, and leadership training sessions. FCCI is delighted to partner with Bishop Ohangbon and his wife and their team of worshipers in Madrid and we pray God's blessings on them as they continue to serve the Lord in challenging times.

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