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Visit to Kakamega

Updated: Oct 1, 2022

Executive Director Stanko has been visiting Kenya for many years, but on his last visit he went to Kakamega for the first time. His purpose was to visit the family of longtime member Bishop Javan Ommani who passed away in March 2022. He also wanted to connect with the leaders of BALL Ministries, Bible and Literacy League of Kenya, the ministry that Bishop Ommani's family founded and he oversaw.

When he first arrived, he stayed at the Rondo Retreat Center in the Kakamega rain forest, a delightful Christian retreat center in a beautiful setting. Then Dr. Stanko spent the day with the leadership team to get an overview of the ministry and help plan for the future. The leaders invited Dr. Stanko to return for their conference from November 30-December 2, 2022, and he is seriously considering returning for that event. While on the ministry site, he paid his respects at Bishop's grave site, After that, he visited his widow to offer his condolences on behalf of FCCI and to deliver a gift from the ministry leaders.

While he was in the area, he also visited FCCI friends, Peter and Donna Pfaltzgraff, who have served in Kenya for many years as missionaries under the FCF banner. He was of great assistance to Dr. Stanko in setting up his visit and also gave him a wonderful home-cooked "American" meal while he was in town. Dr. Stanko looks forward to his return visit to Kenya and Kakamega, hopefully in early December.

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