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What Does FCCI Stand For?

If you are wondering who the Faith Community Churches International is, here is something Bishop Levy Silindza, an elder in the organization, composed to tell you more about us.

1. FCCI is a ministerial platform founded and established by Dr. Carl Conley from the United States in 2003 to create and enhance relationships between men and women of God across colour barriers, language, tribes, denominations, and nations.

2. It is a platform where men and women of God can come together every two years at their biannual international conference to share their outstanding:

a. Wealth of knowledge b. Skill c. Ministry and pastoral strategies d. Ministry etiquette and values e. Experience in such areas as:

• Dealing with unique issues in ministry • How to be bold and make sound decisions • Ministry and family life • Dealing with purpose • Maintaining a healthy lifestyle • Church growth • Church government • Staying on course in the midst of a chaotic world • Understanding the work, burden, and challenges of ministry • Lessons made and learned through mistakes • Deadly errors in appointing leaders • How to handle dangerous aids/assistants

3. It is a platform for hearing direction from those who have gone ahead of us through:

- Mentoring - Coaching - Character development - Spiritual growth - Cross-pollination

4. Through FCCI, we get to know people we have only read about.

5. Like any organization, there are principles that hold us together and make us sound and credible.

• Where there is relationship, there is affiliation. • Where there is affiliation, there is membership. • Where there is membership there is responsibility. • Where there is responsibility, there is accountability. • Where there is accountability, there is submission. • Where there is submission, there is loyalty. • Where there is loyalty, there is unity. • Where there is unity, there are growth and progress.

6. If you are

• a leader yearning to know God better; • a man or woman of integrity, one who will not be swayed by filthy lucre to go into ministry; • a man or woman who will not sell their soul to the devil for fake miracles, signs, and wonders; • a man or woman who will not divert from the call of Jesus and compromise the Gospel in order to be famous; • a man or woman who has made a covenant to live and die for the truth, then I challenge you who are ministry overseers to become part of this great organization.

Bishop Levy Silindza Pastor, Governor’s Cathedral Church Johannesburg, South Africa Southern Africa FCCI Elder

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